Hail repairers dent their bank balances for drought suffers

Hail repairers dent their bank balances for drought suffers

Hail repairers dent their bank balances for drought suffers

When Michael Cross heard about the state of affairs in the drought-ravaged town of Trundle on the radio he immediately went to the hail repair community and asked them to help out.

It was a heartbreaking call from a school principal that sparked a huge community response, with the public deciding it’s time to act.
The principal of Trundle Central School, John Southon, told 2GB radio that politicians have seemingly forgotten about what’s unfolding in the bush, where farmers and their families are struggling through the worst drought in living memory.

Southon said young children were wetting themselves at school because of extreme stress.

Smart Repair Australia director Michael Cross contacted DJ Steve Price after hearing the emotional call and rallied his friends in the industry to raise $40,000 for the drought-ravaged town.

He says he wants to help those impacted by the drought.

“I think it’s just our duty as human beings to do what we can, when we can.

“All of us have been aware of the situation throughout Australia, this interview really drove home a nail and I think all of us were devasted to listen to that principal and how the town of Trundle is suffering.”

Cross said in a LinkedIn post: “Just want to say how proud and thankful I am of the following repair companies that put their hands and hearts into their pockets. Aussie Hail, Action Smart Group and Bears Auto Group. Three companies that didn’t even hesitate when asked to help. Great stuff all of you.”

Steve Price says the money will go straight to the locals.

“We will get that money straight in the hands of the people who need it and we’ll be doing it through the school.

“We will make sure that every cent is in the hands of farmers and none of it will be carved off on the way through.”