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Storm News

Predictive Radar

Predictive Radar is a new technology algorithm that aims to “guess” what the radar is likely to do that afternoon. Real time radar is useful in real time within 6 to 10 minutes of the scan but by then the storm is already happening. The new algorithm has been used successfully to produce forecasts of actual cells later in the day well before it occurs – even 24 hours or more earlier. Of course the closer to the event, the better the results. Stay tuned for predictive radar services to be available to the general public at Weather Risk Services.

The following is an example of a predictive radar image. You can see not only does it attempt to predict the rainfall intensities at a particular location but also you can see countless arrows on the same image. This is a prediction of winds and the wind direction. This makes it quite convenient to predict wind changes such as southerly changes moving up the coast not only the  storms themselves.


Storm Articles

Dunoon Tornado 2007

The Dunoon tornado is by far one of the most documented tornadoes in recent years with several videos covering its life near Dunoon on the North NSW coast. After a severe storm developed SW of Lismore and Casino, copious amounts of hail was documented from the supercell in the region. This storm weakened near Lismore but a new storm developed just north Lismore. This had a well developed and moisture laiden rain free base.

Up close footage was captured by Jimmy Deguara as he intercepted this storm near Dunoon including an explosion of a substation caused by impact of tornadic debris. The tornado went on to damage a church and few other houses or building in Dunoon and the area was declared a disaster area.

Here is the footage of this tornado!