PDR Training

PDR Training Australia has been in operation since 2009 and have provided professional paintless dent removal training to assist those wanting to get into the PDR industry the best chance possible. One of our traits through all the research in such PDR Training services is the essential requirement of support for those leaving the PDR Courses. PDR Training Australia provides free and open support for all applicants over that first year of PDR Training.

PDR Training Australia has opened up what was previously a very secretive industry with little information available except through word and mouth. This included the training and also the skills passed on as well as the industry in general. From what has been noted from several experienced PDR Technicians, training was provided by PDR Technicians with a fend for yourself attitude. This was one of the reasons for the support provided by PDR Training Australia. Apart from the training itself, this company also provides a PDR ebook. This online paintless dent removal ebook provides one of the very few resources available about the industry itself. Collectively, the PDR eBook and the practical hands on training provides one of the best sources of training and entry into the industry Australia wide!

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