Specialist Hail Damage Repairers

Hail damage is entirely different to impact or crash damage. Therefore, it is important that your hail damaged vehicle is repaired by a specialist hail repairer. Hail repair is conducted using Paintless Dent Removal. This is a globally recognized repair process where highly skilled technicians massage the damage on your vehicle, back to its original shape. This allows you to retain your original paintwork and finish.

If your vehicle is severely damaged and requires intensive repairs, Smart Repair Australia are also equipped with the correct personal and facilities to repair and paint your vehicle in house.

Both methods will leave your vehicle with a flawless finish and a completely invisible repair.

  • Professionalism from the very beginning of your claims process
  • 100% Lifetime guarantee on your repairs
  • Industry, Insurance and Manufacturer approved repair methods
  • Experience with all makes/models including prestige and luxury vehicles
  • Latest industry leading technology and equipment
  • Environmentally friendly repairs and a small Eco footprint
  • Permanent locations Australia wide

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